NAT Single Packet (Customize Your Kit!)


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Try any flavor of NAT that I have available or create your own trial variety kit by picking the flavors and quantities you want of each! Each selection will include 1 packet of the chosen flavor! add as many as you wish for this sample to try them all! or SAVE by getting a variety of 20 (half decaf and half caffeinated) with a challenge pack!


Assisted Fasting: If you are beginner to fasting this product is great to help you ease into longer fasted periods between solid meals.  You can consume this anytime within your fasted window and this strategy can help train your body to go longer durations between meals to focus on fat burning.  Consume within 30 minutes for maximum benefits.

To Heal Insulin Resistance: Intermittent fasting is recommended without snacking in between meals with the goal of minimizing insulin spikes as much as possible throughout your day.  When you consume or eat anything (other than water or black coffee) your body can produce insulin.  When trying to heal insulin resistance we want to target minimizing insulin as much as possible. It is recommended to start with a 16:8 Fast (16 hours fasted with 8 hour eating window) to begin and consume this product as close to your eating window as possible or within your eating window and consume water in between meals to give yourself a long stretch of water only. Consume within 30 minutes for maximum benefits.  This product boosts fat loss results, includes high B vitamins, helps with muscle retention and growth and has gut healing properties.  Work your fasting up from 3 meals a day to 2 meals to one meal a day a few days a week for maximum autophagy and fat loss benefits (some like to do omad (one meal a day) every day).  This product can help with appetite control between meals allowing you to go a longer stretch in between meals without difficulty.  (you do not need to count calories, simply eat the right foods and focus on meal timing and spacing!)

When you reach your goal and have healed insulin resistance you can consume this product anytime within your fasted window to help you maintain your results and continue living an overall healthy lifestyle, you can start spreading meals out normally again and your metabolic rate should be maintained or increased even though your body fat decreased (which is not normally the case with other diets) if you also follow your fasting with a low carb lifestyle.  This means it should be easy to maintain your results after you achieve them without much effort, most people find they move back into a 16:8 protocol for maintenance and feel their best that way but you can customize your lifestyle to how you feel best!

*If you are on medication or have diabetes talk to your doctor before starting any fasting regimen

General Use: Anyone can use this product within their lifestyle following any meal plan lifestyle if they are simply looking to achieve the added benefits of energy, focus, mental clarity, appetite control, muscle preservation etc. and do not have to follow any specific diet, exercise or fasting protocol to do that! Use anytime time of day if this is you!


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Strawberry Peach, Blueberry Acai, Raz lemonade, Lime Time, Heart Tart, Berry Blue, Maui Punch, Watermelon Sweets, Tru Passion, Prickly Pear, Wild Tiger, OH MAI TAI!


Caffeinated, Decaf


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