Powder NAT Packet (Pick your Flavor!)


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POWDERED NAT are different then the Liquid NAT in that they  contain sodium (to replenish this electrolyte especially helpful for beginners) they are also slower absorbing and will absorb within an hour verses immediately with the liquid variety

Use these while fasted to help you eliminate hunger, cravings and slash your appetite! They help you achieve your goals by taking back control over what and when you eat by training your body not to release hunger hormones at specific times!

Use in the morning or in the afternoon (choose decaf if you wish to consume after 4 pm)


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Gummy Bear NAT (New), Rainbow Candy (NEW), Strawberry Peach, Blueberry Acai, Raz lemonade, Lime Time, Heart Tart, Berry Blue, Maui Punch, Tru Passion, Splash, Swiss Cocoa


Caffeinated, Decaf


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