Mito//plex Electrolytes (3 Pack Variety)


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This is a SAMPLE to see how you like the flavors  After this kit you will get access to a large discount on a full supply!

Welcome to UPGRADED electrolytes! These NEW flavors taste AMAZING and are a great way for you to get more water in while enhancing your electrolyte balance.

You can mix these with water or with ketones! here are some of my suggestions for mixing:

Lemon: Mixes well with Berry Blue NAT, Heart Tart NAT, Raz Lemonade NAT

Orange: Mixes well with Strawberry Peach NAT

Lime: Mixes well with Lime Time NAT

This kit comes with 1 of each citrus flavor to try (3 packets)

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The Original Flavor is best shaken with another flavored beverage

Orange, Lime and Lemon are AMAZING shaken with ice and water (seriously you will be shocked how good these taste!)

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 1 in


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