Kiwi Limon – Liquid Instant Ketosis + Lime Mitoplex


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This flavor mixes really well with lime (or lemon) mitoplex so I am including lime to try with= this sample pack  (if you would prefer lemon mitoplex you can feel free to add a note in the checkout screen and I will swap flavors for you!) **limit 1 per person as I have limited quantity for samples!)

Mitoplex is an electrolyte that works at the mitocondria level and is important to replenish if following a low carb or keto lifestyle.

**This sample kit includes 1 serving of each product to try**

This flavor of NAT Liquid has ZERO NET Carbs per serving ( 3 total carbs – 3 grams of sugar alcohol = 0 net carbs )

You can consume this fasted (it will not break your fast) or anytime of day!

Liquid ketones are free cell technology that contains no sodium, it is different than the powdered nats but has the same benefits and contains the same amount of BHB but in liquid form and absorbs immediately for an instant boost!

I only have a limited supply to try, but when this NAT flavor comes back to purchase in larger quantities to my pruvit site you will be able to stock up with a discount if you love it!  Mitoplex is available all the time in a larger quantity by clicking here.

(This will automatically come in charged, but uncharged (caffeine free) is also available if you put a note in at checkout! I have this in stock in both caffeinated and caffeine free)

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