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If you are brand new to trying ketones as a tool for fasting I would LOVE to send you a free liquid NAT ketone as gift from me in my personal FAVORITE flavor and variety (Naranja!) I drink this exact ketone every day in my fasted window to help me control appetite and cravings and to make fasting super easy! This is an advanced ketone technology and the first of its kind in the WORLD.  I am excited for you to experience the flavor and benefits for yourself (One free gift per household!)

PLEASE NOTE: the label includes DOM (Date of Make) this is not an expiration date! These expire 2 years after the date listed on the packaging!  Also note there is ZERO sugar in this product (the sugar listed on the label is in the form of sugar alcohol, it is sweetened with allulose) each serving contains about 30 calories and is approved for use while fasting.  It is recommended to consume within 30 minutes of shaking it up if possible!  There are no side effects and you should not feel jittery or have any negative experiences with this particular new technology!

If you would like to try more then just one serving, I have other sample varieties available here.

You can also shop larger quantities here: 

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in

Decaf, Caffeinated

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Liquid NAT Ketone – Naranja


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