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If you are brand new to trying  ketones, I would LOVE to send you a free NAT ketone of your choice in flavor as a gift from me!  I drink a ketone every day in my fasted window to help me control appetite and cravings and to make fasting super easy! This is an advanced ketone technology and the first of its kind in the WORLD.  I am excited for you to experience the flavor and benefits for yourself (One free gift per household!)

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NAT ketones are the ONLY bio-available ketone in the world, this variety is absorbed quickly for a fast energy boost and will deliver ketones to the brain helping you tap into the euphoric feeling of ketosis without having to follow a strict keto diet! In fact, you will get all the incredible benefits that attract people to the keto diet without the carb restriction! (You do NOT have to eat any particular “diet” to get the benefits of ketones! That is part of the magic)

This variety of ketones includes ZERO sodium, It is a free cell technology and is absorbed quickly for maximum results without jitters!

What Happens When You Drink NAT Ketones Daily?

  • Appetite control (Take back control and help manage cravings!)
  • Preservation of Muscle (NAT ketones will help your body build and maintain energy demanding, metabolic boosting muscle mass while fasting or in a calorie deficit by being protective of lean tissue)
  • Increased Fat Loss (If your goal is to reduce body fat, ketones will support you by helping your body burn fat while you shift your body composition when combined with a caloric deficit, eating less for a fat loss phase becomes easier with ketones.)
  • Energy (Pure and clean without jitters! Ketone energy is in a class of its own and will motivate you to move more)
  • Focus (Get ready to feel motivated to spontaneously clean and organize your entire house!)
  • Hunger control (Helps extend fasts by making you less hungry after consuming)
  • Better Sleep (Daily ketones can improve quality and restoration of sleep as well as stress response)
  • Better Mood (Helps control emotional and stress eating by improving overall mood, providing a higher sense of well-being and an overall euphoric feeling that lasts all day)
  • Mental Clarity (Cross everything off your to do list!! Increases productivity and helps you dominate life with a clear and focused brain)
  • Many Many MORE Metabolic and Cellular Benefits

Drink at least 1 per day for maximum results.  Benefits increase overtime with daily use, you can then stock up and save on a single flavor with maximum discounts on a larger quantity.  Simply shake with ice and water and enjoy, preferably first thing in the morning to support you all day! You can have a second one in the afternoon if you wish! Be sure to also prioritize water throughout the day for maximum results.  Combine with ANY nutritional plan you wish! You can consume fasted or in your eating window!

You can also BOOST electrolytes even further by mixing your ketones with Mitoplex (optional) these extra electrolytes work at the mitochondria level and can boost hydration even further.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 2 in
Flavor Choice of NAT

Raspberry Lemonade (Powder), Berry Blue (Powder), Heart Tart (Powder), Blueberry Acai (Powder), Maui Punch (Powder), Strawberry Peach (Powder), Dulce Agrio (Liquid), Naranja (Liquid), Habisco (Liquid), NEW Seasonal Flavor Surprise (Powder), Rainbow Candy NAT (Powder), Watermelon Sweets (Powder), Blackberry Pineapple (Powder)


Decaf, Caffeinated


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