1 Packet Blueberry Muffin Keto//OS PRO Sample


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This sample pack includes 1 packet of the NEW Blueberry PRO Keto//OS Pro!  You can buy up to 5 to try! This is a seasonal flavor and is not available all the time in full boxes (YET), when this launches again from the company I will email you a special link so you can grab more with a discount! This is just a sample to try it out!

KETO//OS® PRØ™ + MCT caffeine free is a low-carb protein infüzed ketone, which helps combat the aging process, boost energy, and improve digestion. This protein infüzed ketone source helps initiate muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown –providing high-quality fuel– perfect for advanced post-workout muscle repair and recovery.


  • 1 packet Blueberry Muffin PRO
  • 1 Packet Keto Kreme (or half a ripe avocado)
  • Blended smooth with ice and unsweetened almond milk!

Watch this section of my daily keto routine video to see how I make this:



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