Ashley’s Favorite Things (Sample)


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– 1 Can of Keto//UP  

– 2 Packets Keto //NAT (caffeinated unless you include a note asking for decaf)

– 1 Keto OS//PRO (banana cream)

– 1 Packet of Keto kreme (Sweet Kreme, Vanilla, Caramel or Latte Nut) If you have a preference put it in the notes of the order!

– 1 FREE Packet of Mitoplex Electrolytes as a gift!


This is a trial pack of my favorite products that I use DAILY, to see how I use these in my day grab the Printable Meal Plan Guide & Food Journal:  with this guide I break down a week of foods and how to utilize this product to get results.


**When you order your full products, the price will be a lot less per serving! This is simply a trial pack to test it out which I have to order in bulk from the company to create this kit for you.

This kit will include a variety of flavors based on the flavors in stock at the time of the order see below for the flavors that you will get! this is simply to try out the system to see how it helps you gain focus, lose cravings and stay on track to your goals with the ketogenic / low carb lifestyle!

If you would like to try additional flavors of NAT add a 10 Day Experience to your order.

What happens after the sample?

The company pops up site wide sales on these products regularly, look out for an email from me when this happens so you can go and stock up on your favorites to customize your daily plan based on all or some of these products that you like best!   This is not an all or nothing plan, it is completely customizable and you can include or remove any items from your daily system you choose!

Or you can order and get set up on our discount program right away if you dont want to wait:

Add any flavors / products to smartship to get 22% off automatically in your monthly shipment, you can create a smartship order anytime which will ship 30 days from today by going here this can be modified at anytime!



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