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This trial kit will include a variety of seasonal and mainstay flavors for you to try!!! Some are not available in full boxes yet! (if you would like to customize flavors you can do that in the notes section at checkout!)

This kit currently includes these flavors

  • 1 Packet Banana Cream PRO
  • 1 Packet Cookie Butter PRO
  • 1 Packet Blueberry Muffin PRO
  • 1 Packet Caramel Cold Brew PRO
  • 1 Packet **NEW KEYLIME PIE PRO**

Blend with unsweetened almond milk and add half an avocado and ice or a packet of keto kreme to make it EXTRA creamy!

KETO//OS® PRØ™ + MCT caffeine free is a low-carb protein infüzed ketone, which helps combat the aging process, boost energy, and improve digestion. This protein infüzed ketone source helps initiate muscle growth and prevents muscle breakdown –providing high-quality fuel– perfect for advanced post-workout muscle repair and recovery.

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