Assisted Fasting:  You can consume NAT ketones anytime within your fasted window (mix with water and ice and drink within 30 minutes) This strategy can help train your body to go longer durations between meals.  Using NAT while fasting can help you go longer periods fasting, cut hunger and control appetite as well as give you a boost to key micronutrients and minerals as well as sodium to help you stay hydrated.  Consume within 30 minutes for maximum benefits.

*If you are on medication or have diabetes talk to your doctor before starting any fasting regimen

General Use: Anyone can use this product within their lifestyle following any meal plan lifestyle if they are simply looking to achieve the added benefits of energy, focus, mental clarity, appetite control, muscle preservation etc. and do not have to follow any specific diet, exercise or fasting protocol to do that! Use anytime time of day if this is you!

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