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You’re Invited! New Years Challenge!


I am planning a special New Years Transformation challenge starting on January 4th for those who are READY to kick it into total commitment and get focused on making 2021 the BEST YEAR YET!

This challenge is focused around the specific plan of action I have set for myself, it is proven to get results, and I decided it would be fun to commit together and work on staying accountable with a fun challenge, including great prizes etc!

You have a personal invite to join us if this is something you would like to do!

The challenge group is open and ready to go, you will get an email from me for access to the group!! See details below about the challenge and watch this video!

Total commitment required for this challenge!

For this challenge we are going to be committing to all 4 steps above to get incredible results and build new habits! If you already have the products listed above and you are one of my personal Pruvit customers you are ready to go!

For this challenge you can follow any workout you wish! from walking to the gym, completely up to you but fitness is an important component of the healthy habits we are working on building!

I am also including losing / limiting alcohol for the 30 days because the goal is to maximize results and to reset, start the year off with the best chance for success.

And most importantly we will be committing to no cheat days or meals for the full 30 days along with the support of the Pruvit products outlined this should be a piece of cake! This group will help you stay focused!

Once you order, you will be included in the RSVP list and I will be emailing you the link to the group!

For this challenge you will need the below products, CLICK HERE to shop (referrer code: ashleysalvatori)

OPTIONAL (and recommended):

I am so excited for you to join me with this challenge! email me with any questions!

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