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Keto Course

Confused where to start with the keto lifestyle?

Below is a sequence of videos with EVERYTHING you need to know to get started and CRUSH the keto lifestyle!  (watch the videos in the sequence!)

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How to Successfully Start The Keto Diet with a Complete Beginners guide Blueprint for success! Everything you ever wanted to know about starting the ketogenic / LOW CARB lifestyle in one easy to follow presentation!

Materials: Download the course guide.


2:29 Intro – My Story

4:36 What is Keto?

5:38 Benefits of Keto

7:05 What is Ketosis?

7:56 Why be in ketosis?

8:52 How do you get into ketosis?

10:05 Foods to Avoid on Keto

13:45 Foods to Eat in Moderation for Keto

14:08 Approved Keto Food list

16:59 How to Track Macros + How to do keto without tracking macros

19:35 How to get back into ketosis after you fall off track

21:37 The best way to start keto

22:50 How to read nutritional labels for keto

23:46 Avoiding the Keto Flu

26:26 Supplements I use

31:18 Thank you for watching!



How do you know how many calories you should be consuming for fat loss with the ketogenic diet? This video will walk you through step by step with a breakdown of Calories for FAT LOSS with Keto!


0:00 Intro

0:34 Welcome

1:38 Fat Loss Isn’t Just Calories

3:54 Increasing Your Metabolism

4:40 You Can Overeat On Keto

5:28 Picking a Calorie Goal

7:07 How Many Calories Do You Need?

8:30 How to Calculate your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)

10:15 Putting it Together & Calculating Calories Your Body Needs

12:10 Breakdown of How Many Calories Per Macro

14:06 How many Grams to Consume Based on the Total Calories

15:57 Ways to Track Calories and Macros

17:39 How to Balance Macros using your Plate

19:55 Lazy Keto Method

22:49 Resources

24:10 Closing



Are you Keto Adapted or Fat Adapted??

This video breaks down everything you need to know! see chapters below to find exactly what you are looking for!! 


0:00 Intro

1:47 What is Fat Adapted?

3:05 Sugar Burner vs. Fat Burner

4:46 Biggest Benefit of Being Fat Adapted

6:20 Difference between Ketosis and Fat Adapted

6:55 Other Benefits of Fat Adaptation

8:12 How long does it take to become fat adapted?

9:31 How to Become Fat Adapted?

10:40 13 Signs you are Fat Adapted

13:10 Resources


VIDEO 4: What to do if you keep falling on and off track!

This video will help you avoid common mistakes many people make that keep them from staying on track with a low carb / keto lifestyle long term!  This is a 2 part video, the second part explains how to get back into ketosis quickly if you do fall off!


0:00 Intro

2:00 TIP #1 – The most important Mineral to your success

3:00 TIP #2 – If you feel tired and lethargic or have brain fog, try this before cheating on keto

4:15 TIP #3 – Keep it really simple and don’t over complicate your meal planning

6:10 TIP #4 – My secret weapon that works when all else fails! (you wont like it, but it works)

6:51 Keeping your goals and vision of what you are working towards in the front of your mind

8:12 PART 2 – Presentation Intro: How to get back on track if you do fall off.

8:30 Simple Keto Pizza Recipe that takes minutes (bonus)

9:03 How to Get Back Into Ketosis Quickly

9:27 Don’t fall into the trap of your body falling against you with the blood sugar spike

10:00 Extending fasting to help you get back into ketosis.

10:50 Consume more Fat + MCT to get into ketosis faster

11:30 Using Exercise to Get Into Ketosis

12:30 Don’t worry about the calories while you are working to get back on track with keto

13:05 Give yourself a break and just move forward

13:37 Avoiding the keto flu when you come back on track

14:45 How long it typically takes to get back into ketosis after falling off

15:47 Tools to help you increase the chances of long term success with keto

21:25 Resources and links


VIDEO 5: 15 Days of Keto Meal Ideas & Zero Carb Food List


0:00 Intro

5:40 Slides Start

6:03 Zero Carb – Processed Meats

7:45 Zero Carb – Seafood

8:39 Zero Carb – Healthy Oils

9:17 Zero Carb – Fresh Meats

10:27 Zero Carb – Spices

11:36 Zero Carb – Sweeteners

12:13 Zero Carb – Beverages

13:15 Intro to Daily Keto Food Meal Plan Ideas

15:23 How to Visually Track Macros on Your Plate (Lazy Keto Method)

17:49 1 to 15 Daily Keto Meal Plan Ideas

35:55 How to make my favorite Fat Latte

36:56 Example of my daily keto routine


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