Start Your Experience!

Trial packs are a great way to get started if you are looking to try a sample of the different flavors and products! Many of my kits include Mitoplex electrolytes along with ketones so you can try a variety! I package and ship these special packages out to you from my home created just for you! I can make modifications to flavors or if you would like decaf simply add a note in the order! The most popular package people start with is the MEGA pack.

The Keto reboot is an assisted 60 hour fast that gets amazing results and helps you kick your goals into high gear, bust past a plateau or start your journey by eliminating glucose out of your system quickly!  This kit can be purchased on its own or in combo with a better bundle for additional discounts! The better bundle includes 40 Nat ketones plus 30 Electrolytes and will pop up the reboot discounting it all! Shop better bundles here. 


Save 22% off when you add $150 to the cart plus set up smartship (can be changed or cancelled anytime) when you shop directly from my Pruvit Website! (limited time)